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Prepare Mount Vernon Day-Long Training Event

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    Available Training Sessions
    Be Red Cross Ready
    A preparedness education program designed to help people understand, prepare for, and respond appropriately to disasters by focusing on a step-by-step approach that is manageable, action-oriented, and affordable.

    Citizen Preparedness Corps
    The Citizen Preparedness Corps gives residents the tools and resources to prepare for any type of disaster or emergency, respond accordingly, and recover as quickly as possible to pre-disaster conditions.

    Prepare with Pedro (Ages 5-7)
    A preparedness education program for children ages 5-7 that teaches students how to BE PREPARED and TAKE ACTION for either home fires or a local hazard. Students learn a coping skill and receive a storybook to share what they have learned at home.

    Hands-Only CPR
    Hands-only CPR is a life-saving technique that involves simply using chest compressions on a person who has suffered sudden cardiac arrest. 

    International Humanitarian Law
    Learn about International humanitarian law (IHL), a set of rules that restrict the means and methods of warfare while protecting civilians, prisoners of war, and wounded soldiers. 

    Ready Rating
    Ready Rating program helps organizations prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters and emergencies. The self-guided program includes tools that help organizations measure their preparedness level and develop their own response plans to comply with OSHA standards, among others.

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