Economic Development Initiative

On February 13, 2023, the City of Mount Vernon was awarded an EDI Grant in the amount of $1.5 million to be used to investigate and eliminate illicit discharges and rehabilitate the city’s sewer system. The Economic Development Initiative (EDI) provides financial support to projects that encourage economic diversification, business development, innovation, partnerships, and increased support for small- and medium-sized enterprises in official language minority communities (OLMCs).

The project involves cleaning, inspection, and rehabilitation of existing storm and sanitary sewers. No expansion of the existing capacity of the sewer systems will occur under this project, and no new structures will be installed under this project.

HUD’s Office of Community Planning and Development, Congressional Grants Division is responsible for the administration of congressionally directed spending under the Economic Development Initiative - Community Project Funding (CPF).


Public Notices

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Flood Plain Map

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Public Responses

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Public Notice Affidavits of Publication

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Environmental Reviews

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What are Economic Development Initiative - Community Project Funding (CPF) grants?

CPF grants are selected through a congressionally directed application process. HUD does not facilitate the grant application process.

CPF grants provide investment in a wide variety of projects such as housing, homelessness prevention, workforce training, public facilities, parks, resilience planning and other critical infrastructure and services.

Who is eligible to receive these funds?

Projects selected for Community Project Funding are listed in the Joint Explanatory Statement (JES) that accompanies a specific fiscal year’s appropriations act. The JES lists projects by entity, project name, award amount and congressional sponsor.

The City of Mount Vernon's projects are sponsored by Congressman Jamaal Bowman's appropriations requests.