Kiosk Service

City Hall Neighborhood Kiosk Initiative


The Mount Vernon City Hall Neighborhood Kiosk Initiative is a pioneering venture stemming from the Cities RISE Housing Code Enforcement Initiative in collaboration with various partner locations across the city. Through strategic placement of Neighborhood Kiosks, our local government is taking decisive steps to meet the evolving needs of our residents, ensuring seamless access to vital government services and an array of invaluable resources. With unwavering support from our network of partners, the City of Mount Vernon is set to revolutionize municipal service accessibility for its residents. 

In alliance with our partners, these Neighborhood Kiosks serve as dynamic hubs that guide users through the spectrum of available services, bridging the gap between the public and government facilities. This innovative approach not only reduces the necessity of physical visits to city hall, but also alleviates the challenges of navigating complex websites solo. From sourcing pertinent information to lodging housing complaints, quality of life grievances and securing essential services, these kiosks offer a direct and efficient channel for residents to access municipal services.