City Council FAQ's


Who is the City Councilmember for my district?

Each councilmember is elected at large and therefore represents all the citizens of Mount Vernon. Each councilmember is over a specialized committee that oversees various departments. Click here to see the 2022 standing Committee list:         

When are City Council meetings held?

Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month and the 

2nd Wednesday for the months of July and August. See Article V of the Charter.

How can I speak at a City Council Meeting?

Constituents may call 914-665-2348, up until 3pm the day of a Regular City Council Meeting to sign up to speak for 4 minutes. Click here for a full listing of meeting dates. 

Who are the City Councilmembers and how do I contact them? 

For a list of the current City Council and their contact information please visit 

How do I submit a letter to the City Council?

Honorable Members of the City Council

City Hall Room 104

One Roosevelt Square

Mount Vernon, New York 10550


  • Introduce yourself.
  • State the purpose of your letter. 
  • State the details of your problem, issue or event (names, addresses, dates, etc.) 
  • Give your contact information.
  • Thank the City Council for their time.
  • Attach petition (if required)