S.R.A.E.P (Sexual Risk Avoidance Education Program)

The SREAP aims to build both internal and external growth by

introducing economic security, physical, and emotional health geared towards youth

ages 14-18. The goal of WCYB's SREAP is to provide messages to youth that

normalizes the optimal health and behavior of avoiding non-marital sexual activity.

There are three expected outcomes related to this goal. They are:

* In the program year, students will demonstrate significantly greater growth

from pre-(baseline) to post-(completion of the program) in their knowledge,


1) risk avoidance skills, 

2) healthy life skills and protective factors, and

3) reduced high risk behaviors.

* In the program year, students will demonstrate improvement from pre- to

post-project participation in their conflict management, relationship skills

and improved workplace readiness skills.

* At the end of the program year students will report improvements from pre to

post-project participation in: 1) their sense of purpose and positive view of

personal future, and 

2) the health of their relationships;