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Mount Vernon Police Department Civilian Complaint Form

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  2. Employee Complaint Form

    This form should be used exclusively to report alleged misconduct by an employee of the Mount Vernon Police Department. If you have any questions about this process or form, please call the Internal Affairs Unit at (914)665-2599 or by email at

    A supervisor will be in contact with you shortly to start the investigatory process. You will be notified of the outcome of the investigation.

  3. Complainant Demographics (Leave Blank if you wish to submit this anonymously)
  4. Incident Information
  5. Please type the incident number, if known

  6. Please type the date and time of the incident 

  7. Please give address, including apartment, if possible

  8. Mount Vernon Police Department Employees involved
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  20. Complaint Narrative

    Please utilize this space to explain the nature of the complaint, being as specific as possible.

  21. Media Upload

    Please upload any pertinent pictures or files to here (note: it may not be possible to upload complete video files due to server constraints, in that case the investigating Supervisor will request it at the time of investigation).

  22. 'Sign' your complaint by placing your name in the boxes below. If you wish to submit anonymously, please type 'anonymous' in both the first and last name boxes below.
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