Executive Leadership

  1. deborah norman

    Deborah Norman


  1. Ted Beale

    Theodore Beale

    Deputy Commissioner

  1. Kim Odindo

    Kim Odindo

    Chief Of Operations

The Executive Leadership of the Mount Vernon Fire Department is comprised of the Fire Commissioner Deborah Norman, Deputy Fire Commissioner Theodore Beale and Chief of Operations Kim Robert Odindo. Our leadership team manages the fiscal and budgetary requiremnts of the Department, personnel matters including hiring and promotions, the coordination of information systems, as well as the oversight of operational policies and procedures.

The Fire Commissioner is the "tip of the spear" as she serves as the head of our organization. She is the first women, as well as the first woman of color to occupy this position.

The Deputy Fire Commissioner has been with the organization for nearly 40 years and has worked in all areas of the Department. 

The Chief of Operations is the highest ranking Uniformed Officer, serving as the Commander of all Fire Department personnel and operations.