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Create a Emergency Evacuation Plan

Planning ahead is vital for ensuring the safety of your family. There should be a discussion about what will happen in the event of an emergency and where your family will regroup in the event of separation.  Having a plan not only creates less panic in the event of an emergency but also helps reduce the risk of injury and loss.  

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Create an Emergency Go Kit

Building an Emergency Go Kit is an essential part of disaster preparedness.  After a disaster, it is not always definite that recovery happens right away and you may have to survive on your own for a few days.  Having an up-to-date Emergency Go Kit in your home or car would not only be convenient in the event that stuck but also helps to reduce the risk of injury and loss.

Find out what you need to build a kit!

Organizations Preparing for Emergency Needs (Open)

OPEN includes both a web-based, self-guided training, and a downloadable instructor kit that will guide participants on how to identify risks, locate resources, and take preparedness actions. When Community-Based Organizations, such as food pantries, daycares, and non-profits, are unable to sustain operations during an emergency incident, individuals who rely on them are exponentially impacted. Because of their importance in keeping the community going, OPEN is designed to empower these organizations to better prepare for incidents.

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Financial Preparedness

Being able to access important financial information in the event of an emergency can help start the recovery process faster and more efficiently.

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