Ready4Life / Y4L

Ready4Life provides comprehensive services to 1,100 High School students grades 9-12.

The programs' goals are to:
1. Help youth build healthy relationship skills.
2. Support young people's positive social-emotional development.
3. Support young people's successful transition to young adulthood.
4. Support the job and career of young people.

To achieve the program's goals, the following seven areas will be the focal points:
1. Communication 
2. Conflict resolution, problem-solving, anger, and stress management.
3. Benefits of marriage and healthy relationships
4. Domestic Violence
5. Child maltreatment
6. Job and career advancement
7. Financial Literacy
The Ready4Life program will address critical elements that aides in youth transitioning into adulthood and gain economic self-sufficiency.

Ready4Life/ Y4L Application