Physical Agility Requirements

Physical Agility Requirements to be come a Mount Vernon Police Officer as mandated by the New York State Municipal Police Training Council.

Test Components/Stations

Candidates will go from Stations I through III in order. Each Station is pass/fail. Candidates must pass each Station in order to proceed to the next Station. Candidates will be allowed up to three minutes rest between stations. Once a station is started, it must be completed according to protocol.

Station I

Candidate lays flat on the back, knees bent, heels flat on the floor, fingers interlaced behind the head. Monitor holds the feet down firmly. In the up position, candidate should touch elbows to knees and return with shoulder blades touching floor. To pass this component, candidate must complete the requisite number of correct sit-ups in one minute.

Station II

This test measures muscular endurance of the upper body (anterior deltoid, pectoralis major, triceps). The hands are placed slightly wider than shoulder width apart, with fingers pointing forward. The monitor places one fist on the floor below the candidate's chest. If a male monitor is testing a female, a 3-inch sponge should be placed under the sternum to substitute for the fist. Starting from the up position (elbows extended), the candidate must keep the back straight at all times and lower the body to the floor until the chest touches the monitor's fist. The candidate then returns to the up position. This is one repetition.

The candidate's score will consist of the number of correct repetitions performed without break (i.e. failing to extend the elbows, one or both knees touching the floor, hitting the floor, remaining on the floor, stopping).

Station III

1.5 Mile Run
Candidate must be successful on Stations I and II in order to participate in Station III. It will be administered over a course of 1.5 miles. Candidate will be informed of his/her lap time during the test.

Cooper Scoring Standard

Should a candidate take the Physical Fitness Screening Test and receive a failing grade, the candidate's name will be removed from the eligible list for the life of the list. Should a candidate take the Physical Fitness Screening Test and receive a passing grade, that grade is effective for one year and must retake the Screening Test in order to be appointed beyond the one year point. Physical Fitness Screening Test results from other civil service jurisdictions may not be accepted for purposes of appointment with Westchester County or agencies under its jurisdiction.